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At STH, our principal objective is to become the leading provider of mission-critical, safety related test and measurement products and services. Our products ultimately advance the mission of saving lives and enhancing health and well-being. To meet these goals, we are aggressively assembling a portfolio of high-quality businesses and establishing a sustainable business model to achieve superior and sustainable financial results.

We intend to accomplish these objectives through both organic initiatives as well as targeted strategic acquisitions. We seek businesses that either strategically fit within our existing business portfolio or expand our portfolio into new and attractive target markets. Given the rapid pace of technological development and the specialized expertise typical of our served markets, acquisitions also provide us important access to new technologies and domain expertise. With the support of our principal shareholder Golden Gate Capital, we have the financial resources to complete transactions of virtually any size in a timely fashion.

STH business units will typically operate as stand-alone operations, but are supported by a seasoned executive team and a common technology and administrative infrastructure. While the circumstances of every transaction is unique, we prefer to partner with top caliber executives and skilled management teams of middle-market businesses and support them with the necessary tools to build each company into a leader in its segment. We believe this philosophy enables us to combine talents and technologies, share services and benefit from a range of centrally managed initiatives, while maintaining the uniqueness and brand equity and culture of each unit and a decentralized decision making structure.